About CKM


CHENG KUANG MACHINERY WORKS CO., LTD. since 1966. To trace each machine, this company keeps all the documents for each machine, i.e. each machine has its own identification card for the past consecutive 10 years. All the information about each machine will be stored into the computer so that their data can be obtained at any time.

To keep the quality of machine to be consistent during the production and transportation process, the following steps in each stage are implemented:
A. Subcontracting components quality control and assurance
There are hundreds of components to make up the machine. Certain parts of the machine are produced by the subcontractors.
The subcontracting components include gears, steel plate, castings, heat treatment, coating, scraping, rust-proof processes, motors, bearings, control circuit and so forth.
Before these subcontracting components can be used in the assembly line, the quality control personnel have to check the accuracy and quality of these components with checklists.
Only those components which pass the quality test can be used.
Those components which are not qualified will be rejected and returned to subcontractors.
B. Assembly line quality control and assurance
There are 20 men on the assembly line.
Each of them has at least ten years of experiences. First, each component is assembled into small module.
Function, accuracy, and external appearance of each module is be checked by the quality control personnel.
Second, each module is assembled together to built up machinery.
The functional test as well as the appearance, accuracy will then is tested by the checklists.
Only those machines which pass the test can be delivered to clients.
One of these seven people is in charge of production control so that the production schedule can meet the requirements from clients.
C. Personnel
The personnel group is important to a company. The president of this company is in charge of this group by himself.
The humanistic management is the principle of the president so that the workers may feel they are well respected.
Such management may keep worker in peaceful mind and promote the desire to produce higher quality products.
D. Environment
The working environment of the manufacturer has very good ventilation and ample lighting.
The big space for each worker makes work as a kind of enjoyment.
E. Transportation
The packing and transportation is also subcontracting to an experienced company.
During the past long cooperation period, each machine is guaranteed to the best management of that company such that it can be delivered to client without any damage.

From the above mentioned procedures, the conformity of the production quality can then be ensured.